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Rebranding the strongest and most recognizable brand in the Webflow space.


Rebranding of the strongest Webflow agency. Main goal for rebranding was that company is expanding and branding should be more scalable.
The main goal of the rebranding was to accommodate the company's expansion by creating a more scalable brand.
Next level branding - 3D
took inspiration for animal textures from Mexican art [ alebrijes ]. The idea was to blend alebrijes with real animal textures to emphasize the animals' shapes. The core pages on the website are represented by strong and powerful animals: a tiger for the agency, an elephant for products, a dolphin for the community, and a unicorn represents the company itself.
I brought this awesome handmade figure from Mexico. This was inspiration for Finsweet animals.
Logo update
The core element of the logo is the ‘moustache’ bracket, inspired by a dolphin's tail. This is how the dolphin was chosen to represent the Community.

Content-first approach. In this brand refresh, I adopted the storytelling approach. Finsweet has three main business branches: Agency, Products, and Community. Based on a visitor's needs, I designed a unique experience, unified by the same flow. So, if you embark on one journey, you can flawlessly explore the rest of the Finsweet jungles.

Micro interactions

All the interactions are CSS-based, ensuring top performance without compromising load times. Each animation is thoughtfully designed to highlight the benefits of each product, making the page more engaging for users and leading to better conversions. By focusing on efficient CSS techniques, I create smooth, responsive animations that enhance user experience and keep visitors engaged, resulting in lower bounce rates and higher satisfaction.

Leveraging Webflow CMS UI, I showcased Finsweet's projects to highlight their deep integration and dedication to the Webflow platform. By incorporating a custom advanced slider built with Swiper.js, I created a dynamic and interactive display that enhances user experience, making it easy to navigate through the portfolio and appreciate the depth of Finsweet's work.

I designed and developed the front end in Webflow for Finsweet+. This platform serves as a resource for Webflow users to learn more about Webflow, overcome limitations, and achieve success in growing their Webflow business.

I helped Finsweet establish an Instagram strategy that tripled its following in three months through Instagram Reels. The goal was to create videos that would become trending and attract more followers interested in Finsweet products and Wized.

The strategy included:

  • Establishing a clear structure for Reels to maintain engagement,
  • Analyzing hot topics to cover,
  • Creating lead generators for Wized.
  • Creative covers with catchy titles.
  • As a result: 3X followers in 3 months, videos that have 169K, 270K views and constant growth of new followers and a lot of leads for Wized product.

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The Finsweet site is not just a marketing site; it's a true web jungle. Turn one way, and you can explore an absolutely new world. Visit it live and enjoy.